Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph 5980/1A White Dial Top Quality Clone Watch Hands-On

Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph 5980/1A White Dial Top Quality Clone Watch Hands-On

When Patek Philippe began to launch white-dialed versions of their popular Nautilus version I had been curious. It was a really fresh color for their sport lineup, and while it was not a radical difference, it’s not something we’ve seen in this collection before. White dials are hard to incorporate in sport watches for a single motive — shadow legibility.

Sport watches have lume-coated hands and hour markers, which are often light in appearance due to the coating. Much of the time they’re paired to darker coloured dials. To get white hands and hour markers above a white dial can be hard, but it is possible. What Patek Philippe nautilus yupoo replica watches and many others have done is to create very different separation zones as boundaries between the components on the dial. High contrast is preserved on the dial of this Nautilus model because Patek Philippe has employed deep black edges on the hands and applied hour mark — although their centre’s are white. It makes for a gorgeous, legible look that still keeps its darkness viewing capabilities.

On the wrist I have a Patek Philippe nautilus box replica watch Nautlius Chronograph, that’s the reference 5980/1A-019. The”019″ component is what distinguishes this particular dial color from another 5980/1A Nautilus Chronograph models. It unites what I believe are now three different Nautilus models that have beautiful white dials. Included in these are the traditional three-hand”Jumbo” Nautilus 5711/1A-011 white dial, and the annual calendar with moon phase Nautilus 5726/1A-010 watch with a white dial.

While wearing a Patek Philippe that I have to forget a lot of what I prefer in watch sizes. Patek Philippe nautilus 5990 replica watches timepieces are much more classic in their own sizing, so the 40.5mm broad case of the Nautilus model is deemed large for your brand. The broad lugs allow it to appear larger on the wrist, and the distinct look of the case and dial help compensate for what I miss from the normal pieces I wear which are 42 — 44mm broad in size. Without a doubt, I would happily wear this view full time. In addition, I feel that the white dialed version appears a little more contemporary. The Nautilus is not just a contemporary case design, but in this implementation it feels contemporary, as well as timeless.

Inside the Patek Philippe nautilus 5712 rose gold fake watches Nautilus 5980 is an in-house created Patek Philippe nautilus 5712 rose gold clone caliber CH 28-520 C automatic chronograph movement. You can observe the motion and its gold strand through a sapphire crystal onto the back of this watch. It’s a beautifully decorated and finished motion with a handsome three-dimensional quality as a result of all the bridges.

There is not much else to say this has not been said before about the case and bracelet. Obviously, I urge that anyone getting a Nautilus get it on a bracelet — because it was meant to be matched to. The bracelet has lovely polished center links and wonderfully beveled edges on the brushed links. This is good use of steel in a luxury luxury watch. Retail price is $51,000.