NOMOS launched the new stainless steel Lambda replica watch to commemorate the 175th year of Glashütte watchmaking

To commemorate 175 decades of watchmaking in its miniature Saxon town, NOMOS replica is celebrating Glashütte’s replica storied record of fine watchmaking through the release of three limited editions from the Lambda household — in a new 40.5mm stainless steel case. Until now, the Lambda line has included only valuable metal offerings, so these new watches provide a more accessible entrance point to NOMOS’s high-end lineup. The brand new stainless steel limited editions, dubbed NOMOS Lambda — 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte, are available in black, white, or blue colorways, limited to just 175 pieces each. The Lambda line embodies NOMOS’s different and modern design language, while its timeless styling and in-house caliber capture the history of watchmaking innovation that has infused the town for nearly two centuries — the perfect way to celebrate the past while looking to the future.

NOMOS Introduces a New Stainless Steel Lambda replica watches to Honor 175 Years of Glashütte Watchmaking Sponsored post

There’s lots to celebrate while looking back at the history of Glashütte — a city with a history nearly as fascinating as the watches that it currently generates. Until the early 1500s, the small village of Glashütte, located close to the Czech border south of Dresden, was little more than a group of small farms. After copper and silver were found in the hills, the population boomed and people flocked to the area, mining the Ore Mountains for over four centuries. However, when those mines ran dry, the city’s economy crumbled, and its inhabitants were left distressed for employment. In 1845, Master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange was delivered to Glashütte from the Saxon King Friedrich August II in an attempt to revitalize the local market by educating the natives in the craft of watchmaking. After a difficult start, Lange managed to set a good infrastructure for watchmaking and attracted some of Germany’s greatest watchmakers, eventually transforming the destitute city into the Saxon chair of fine watchmaking. During World War II the city was bombed, factories ravaged and appropriated by Soviet forces, and the rich tradition of Glashütte watchmaking was almost lost to history. But following the reunification of Germany, manufacturers quickly returned into the region and the town experienced a rebirth. Glashütte has resumed its place as the beating heart of German watchmaking and Nomos Lambda 930 Rose replica watches, founded in 1990, has become the largest brand based out of the town. In fact, NOMOS now produces more mechanical watches than any other manufacturer in Germany.

NOMOS Introduces a New Stainless Steel Lambda fake watches to Honor 175 Years of Glashütte Watchmaking Sponsored post